80s Fads: The Good, the Bad and Those That Should Have Not Existed

I thought I would take a break from the topic of music and talk about the fads of the ‘80s. Just like any other decade the ‘80s had fads that spark a memory, which is good or bad, when mentioned. I am going to talk about the top three fads in the good, bad, and terrible categories. Remember these are, in my own opinion, the fads that rank highest in each category.

The Good

1. Pac-Man – One of the most popular video game characters was not only popular in arcades but on the Atari 2600 console also. Pac-Man was so popular that a song about the yellow character was recorded in 1981 by Buckner and Garcia titled Pac-Man Fever.

2. Rubik’s Cube – Who would have thought a six sided puzzle game, that caused much frustration, would become such a craze in the ‘80s. Despite the difficulty solving the puzzle it seemed as if everyone had to have one.

3. John Hughes Movies – The popularity of Hughes’s films came from each character reminding everyone, who viewed the movies, of someone they knew growing-up. Every film is a classic.

The Bad

1. Mullets – The hair style, made famous by Billy Ray Cyrus, thankfully went away before the turn of the century. Even I got caught up in the hair fad. The frightening part is there have been reports of the style possibly coming back.


2. Cabbage Patch Kids – How could something so ugly put a smile on a child’s face? They were so popular that demand was higher than production of the product thus taking a large chunk out of parent’s pocket books.

3. Smurfs – I may anger some of you with this choice of the little blue characters and that annoying song. I never was a fan and looking back I am glad I never was.

The Terrible

1. Flock of Seagull haircuts – For a band that almost was a one hit wonder band sure did send a craze amongst some individuals with their hairstyle.

2. Valley Talk – Like fer sure totally gag me with a spoon. A language that never should have existed but drew larger interest after the 1982 song Valley Girl performed by Frank and Moon Zappa.

3. New Kids on the Block – They ushered in the popularity of boy bands. Enough said.

There you have just a few of the fads from the ‘80s. While there is a much longer list these are just a few examples of fads I have good and bad memories of. If you do not agree with my choices then name a few good and bad memories you have from the ‘80s or the decade you grew-up in. If those fads would have not existed how would it have effected growing-up during that decade?


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